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Like all current dynamic web sites, casino edu forum href internet site wiki, wikis are a common target for spammers wishing to promote products or web sites. MediaWiki offers site wiki number of features designed to combat vandalism in general. On this page we deal specifically with wiki spam. Normally a combination of various methods will be used, in an attempt to keep the number of spam, robot and open-proxy edits to a minimum while limiting the amount of disruption caused to legitimate users of the site.

Note that many of these features are not activated by default. By all means ask your users to help watch out for wiki edu and do so yourself but these days spam can easily overwhelm small wiki communities. It boomtown casino nevada to raise the bar a little.

You should also edu however, that none of these solutions can be considered completely spam-proof. Always visit 'Recent changes' Special: Fighting spam should not be too hard. If you want to quickly and drastically reduce spam, try these few steps first. If you still have problems, read the rest of this page for further solutions and post a message on mediawiki-l for help. The extension ships with a default test, but this is a reference implementation, and is not intended for production use.

You should consider the implications of such a barrier, and possibly provide an alternative means for affected users to create accounts and contribute, which is a legal requirement in some jurisdictions. Popular search engines such as Google honour this attribute. Nonetheless, it should never be relied upon as the primary method of controlling spam as its effectiveness is inherently limited.

It does not keep spam off your site. See Nofollow for a debate about this. It's good to have this as the installation default though. It means lazy administrators who are not thinking about spam problems, will tend to have this option enabled. For more information, see Manual: Costs and benefits of using nofollow.

Every spammer is different, even though they all look boringly similar. If the general countermeasures are not enough, before taking extreme steps make use of the tools which allow you to deal with the specific problems you casino regulations uk. Often, the same page will be hit repeatedly by spambots.

Common patterns observed in spambot-created pagenames include talk page, often outside main space e. As most abusive edits on wikis which don't require registration to edit are from anonymous sources, blocking edits to these specific pages by anyone href internet than established users can prevent re-creation of deleted spamdump pages.

Typically, any page which is already a regular visitor to special: It can examine many properties of the edit, such as the username, user's age, text added, links added, and so on. It is most effective in cases where you have one or more skilled administrators who are willing to assist in helping you fight spam. The abuse filter can be effective even against human-assisted spammers, href requires wiki maintenance to respond to new types of attacks.

Examples for combating automatic spam can be found on Manual: The above approach will become too cumbersome if you attempt to block more than a handful of spammy URLs. A better approach is to have a long blacklist identifying many known spamming URLs. The TitleBlacklist extension may also be useful, as a means to prevent re-creation of specific groups of pages which are being used by the 'bots to dump linkspam. Open proxies are a danger mostly because they're used as a way forum circumvent countermeasures targeted to specific abuser; see also m: Some bots exist, e.

Most such blocks are performed manually, when noticing the abuse. It's hence important to be able to tell whether an abusing IP is an open proxy or something else, to decide how to deal with it; even more so if it's an IP used by a registered user, retrieved with the CheckUser extension. Several extensions, particularly the Tor block extension, blocks a range of open proxies. The following measures are for the more technical savvy sysadmins who know what they're doing: You can use this to block additional snippets of text or markup associated with common spam attacks.

Users are presented with an explanatory message, indicating which part of their edit text is not allowed. SpamRegex allows editing of this variable on-wiki. This prevents any mention of 'online-casino' or 'buy-viagra' or 'adipex' or 'phentermine'. It will also block edits which attempt to add hidden or overflowing elements, which is a common "trick" used in internet site lot of mass-edit attacks to attempt to hide the spam from viewers.

In addition ac casino resort changing your MediaWiki configuration, if you are running MediaWiki on Apache, you can make changes to your Apache web server configuration to help stop spam. These settings are generally either placed in your virtual host configuration file, or in a file called. When you block a spammer on your wiki, search your site's access log by IP to determine which user agent string that IP supplied.

The access log location for your virtual host is generally set using the CustomLog directive. Once you find the accesses, you'll see some lines like this:. The user agent is the last quoted string on the line, in this case an empty string. Some spammers will use user agent strings used by real browsers, while others will use malformed or blank user agent strings.

If they are in the latter category, you can block them by adding this to your. This will return a Forbidden error to any IP connecting with a user agent matching the specified regular expression. Take care to escape all necessary regexp characters in the user agent string such as.

Even if the spammer's user agent string is used forum real browsers, if it is old or rarely encountered, you can use rewrite rules to redirect users to an error page, advising them to upgrade their browser:. A persistent spammer or one with a broken script may continue to try to spam your wiki after they have been blocked, needlessly consuming resources.

By adding a deny from pragma such as the following to your. Much of the most problematic spam received on MediaWiki sites comes from addresses long known by other webmasters as bot or open proxy sites, though there's only anecdotal evidence for this. These bots typically generate large numbers of automated registrations to forum sites, comment spam to blogs and page vandalism to wikis: These measures do not eliminate the problem, however, and at some point tightening security for all users will inconvenience legitimate contributors.

Many lists are already available, for instance stopforumspam. Note that, when many checks are performed on attempted edits or pageviews, bots may easily overload your wiki disrupting it more than they would if it was unprotected. Keep an eye on the resource cost of your protections. For example, you can add this line to your LocalSettings. Bad Behavior is a first defense line blocking all requests by known spammers identified via HTTP headers, IP address, and other metadata; it is available as a MediaWiki extension, see Extension: For maximum effectiveness, it should be combined with an http: To join Project HoneyPot you will need to add a publicly accessible file to your webserver, then use the following extension code in your LocalSettings.

You may change the form of the link above to any of the alternatives suggested by Project HoneyPot. You may need to log in to Project HoneyPot to see those alternative ways to make honeypot links invisible to humans.

This particular technique will substantially increase page load time and server load if the IP list is large. This can be populated periodically from an external source using a site wiki script such kem casino club cards the following:.

If you do this and you use APC cache for caching, casino edu forum href internet site wiki, you may need to increase apc. If your distribution's awk exits with a Segmentation fault, you may be more successful with replacing awk by sed. You may want to save these commands in a file called e. You can also use a PHP-only solution to download the ip-list from stopforumspam.

To do so check the PHP script casino here. That should make things a wee bit quieter, at least for a while…. Not bad, but any proper BOFH at this point would be bored and eagerly looking for the ,st spam IP to randomly block.

Fortunately, dynamically-updated lists of spambots, open proxies and other problem IP's are widely available. Many also allow usernames or e-mail addresses for logged-in users to be automatically checked against the same blacklists. An address lookup determines if an IP attempting to register or edit is an already-known source of net abuse.

The lookup in an externally-hosted blacklist typically adds no more than a few seconds to the time taken to save an edit. This leaves the speed at which the system can service page read requests the bulk of your traffic unaffected. While the original SORBS was primarily intended for dealing with open web proxies and e-mail spam, there are other lists specific to web spam forums, blog comments, wiki edits which therefore may be more suitable:.

With no one standard format by which a blacklist server responds to an enquiry, no built-in support for most on-line lists of known spambots exists in the stock MediaWiki package. As most blacklist operators provide very limited software support often targeted to non-wiki applications, such as phpBB or Wordpressthird-party adaptations of these clients have been built and deployed on some wikis to check spambots.

As the same spambots create similar problems on most open-content websites, the worst offenders attacking MediaWiki sites will also be busily targeting thousands of non-wiki sites with spam in blog comments, forum moes black jack-gambling and guestbook entries.

Automatic query of multiple blacklist sites is therefore already in widespread use protecting various other forms of open-content sites and the spambot names, ranks and IP addresses are by now already all too well known. A relatively small number of spambots appear to be behind a large percentage of the overall problem. Even where admins take no prisoners, a casino where the same spambot IP which posted linkspam to the wiki a second ago is spamming blog comments somewhere else now and will be spamming forum posts a few seconds from now on a site half a world away has been duly noted.

One shared external casino near woodruff wisconsin entry english harbor casino free games silence one problematic 'bot from posting on thousands of sites.

This greatly reduces the number of individual IP's which need to be manually blocked, one wiki and one forum at a time, by local administrators. Some anti-spam sites, such as projecthoneypot. Once the address of the spammer is known, it is added to the blacklists see above so that you and others will in future have one less unwanted robotic visitor to your sites. Site wiki honeypot scripts and blacklist servers can automate much of the task of identifying and dealing with spambot IPs, most blacklist sites do provide links to web pages on which one can manually search for information about an IP address or report an abusive IP as a spambot.

It may be advisable to include some of these links on the special: Typically, feeding the address of any bot or open proxy into a search engine will return many lists on which these abusive IP's have already been reported.

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